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Dinner Menu

Appetizer Menu

Soup of the Day
Ask your server about our home-made soups

Darker Than Blue House Salad
Baby Mixed Field Greens Topped with Sliced Red Onions, Grape Tomatoes and Cucumber with Crumbled Blue Cheese Tossed with a Sweet Honey Lime Dressing

Stuffed Shrimp Starter
Large Jumbo Shrimp Topped with Crab Meat Then Broiled to Perfection Topped with a Zesty Lemon Butter Sauce and Old Bay

Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine Lettuce Tossed with Caesar Dressing Topped with Croutons and Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Buffalo wings
Perfectly Fried Party Wings Tossed in our own Sweet yet Savory Buffalo Sauce

BBQ Shrimp & Bacon Salad
Baby Mixed Field Greens Topped with Grilled BBQ Shrimp, Chopped Smoked Bacon & Blue Cheese Served with our Orange Marmalade Dressing

Curry Chicken Skewers
Thinly Sliced Chicken Grilled to Perfection Tossed with a Blend of Curry and Herbs Served on a Bamboo Skewer with a Refreshing Dipping Sauce

Mama "J's" Mini-Salmon Cakes
Four Mini-Salmon Cakes Broiled to Perfection Accompanied with Home Fries Topped with a Citrus Lime Vinaigrette

Low Country Catfish Fingers
Catfish Fingers Dusted with Seasoned Corn Meal Fried to Golden Brown

Coconut Breaded Shrimp
Shrimp Dredged in a Coconut Breading served with a Mango Chutney Dipping Sauce




Grilled Rib-eye Steak
12oz Rib-Eye Steak Grilled to Perfection Served with a Mound of Garlic infused mashed Potatoes and Sautéed Baby Spinach

Blackened Louisiana Tilapia
Blackened Tilapia Layered with Jasmine Rice Topped with Sautéed Spinach Accompanied with a Louisiana Style Cream Sauce with Chunks of Salmon and Shrimp

Grilled Chicken Alfredo
Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast Tossed in a Creamy Rich Parmesan Sauce with a Hint of Sherry and Lemon and a Burst of Roasted Garlic

Chicken & Waffles
½ Golden Brown Fried Chicken Served with Home-made Sweet Waffles Topped with Berries & Whipped Cream

Slow Roasted Spare Ribs
Slow Roasted, Dry Rubbed Spare Ribs Seasoned to Perfection Topped with BBQ Sauce Accompanied by Mashed Potatoes and Sautéed Spinach

Darker Than Blue Burger
10 oz. of Lean Ground Beef Broiled to your Temperature Topped with Grilled Onions and Aged Blue Cheese Offered with lettuce Tomato and Old Bay French Fries

Fried Chicken Southern Platter
Half a Chicken Fried to Golden Brown Served with Baked Macaroni Cheese, Candied Yams and Sautéed Baby Spinach

Fried Catfish & Grits
Corn Meal Battered Catfish Fried Golden Brown Served over Cheddar Cheese Filled Grits Offered with Sautéed Baby Spinach

Broiled Stuffed Chicken Breast
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Crab Meat Drizzled with a Light Lemon Butter Sauce Served with Jasmine Rice and Sautéed Baby Spinach

Curry Shrimp
Large Sautéed Shrimp Seasoned with lightly spiced curry Cream Sauce served with Jasmine Rice & Sautéed Baby Spinach

Citrus Glazed Salmon
Pan Seared Salmon Filet Drizzled with a Citrus Glaze served with Seasoned Yellow Rice & Sautéed Baby Spinach